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Elle and Coach Official Video Trailer

Hi There,

As you may know, I will be releasing a new book later this month. ELLE & COACH is the story of my daughter, who was diagnosed with type one diabetes at 8 years old, and our family’s journey to learn how to live with the disease. Type one diabetes requires constant management of insulin doses, blood sugar monitoring, physical activity and diet. For me, as Elle’s mother, it also came with a never-ending series of sleepless nights and worry about her health.

In 2012, we welcomed Coach into our family. Coach is a medic-alert dog trained to detect dangerous changes in Elle’s blood sugar. His impact on her life is truly remarkable. After Coach joined the family, Elle seemed at ease for the first time since her diagnosis, and our family instantly fell in love with Coach.

We made this video to give you a glimpse into Elle’s life, and how Coach helps her everyday.
If you’re interested in the book, please pre-order a copy here.

And, follow our journey online at any of the following channels:



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