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elle shaheen and coach on good morning america

Elle & Coach Hits Good Morning America, People and More.

What a week this has been!

Elle & Coach was released on Tuesday, and the welcome it has received in national and regional press has been truly humbling. We’ve had the opportunity to talk with so many media outlets to tell Elle and Coach’s story.

Here are a few of our favorites from this week:

elle shaheen and coach on good morning america

In mid-August, just after we got back from a wonderful overseas trip with our family, Good Morning America visited our house to meet Elle and Coach, learn about the book and to see Coach work in person. Coach even alerted while they were at our house for the interview. You can watch the full segment here.

People Magazine is also jumping into the game, with an article in the issue that hits newsstands on August 28. We’ll add a link as soon as it’s available.

elle and coach in people magazine

Regional news were on board as well. Boston.com gave us a very nice review (pictured below), as did NECN (click to watch the video).

elle shaheen and coach in boston.com




On Thursday, we were honored to get an article in the Boston Globe .

There has been more media coverage than we can list here, and our sincerest thanks go out to everyone for supporting us.

Life with diabetes infographic

What’s Life Like for a Child with Diabetes? Here’s Elle’s Diabetes, by the Numbers

When my daughter Elle was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I assumed we were in for a long road. What I didn’t understand at the time is that diabetes is not a long road – it is a never-ending journey, one that requires constant management of insulin doses, blood sugar monitoring, physical activity and diet.

It’s hard to truly convey the challenges of Type 1 and the courage it takes for a child growing up with diabetes, but here’s a glimpse at what Elle’s has faced since her diagnosis.

infographic of the impact of diabetes on a child's life

stefany shaheen, elle shaheen and Barack Obama

Elle and Coach Official Video Trailer

Hi There,

As you may know, I will be releasing a new book later this month. ELLE & COACH is the story of my daughter, who was diagnosed with type one diabetes at 8 years old, and our family’s journey to learn how to live with the disease. Type one diabetes requires constant management of insulin doses, blood sugar monitoring, physical activity and diet. For me, as Elle’s mother, it also came with a never-ending series of sleepless nights and worry about her health.

In 2012, we welcomed Coach into our family. Coach is a medic-alert dog trained to detect dangerous changes in Elle’s blood sugar. His impact on her life is truly remarkable. After Coach joined the family, Elle seemed at ease for the first time since her diagnosis, and our family instantly fell in love with Coach.

We made this video to give you a glimpse into Elle’s life, and how Coach helps her everyday.
If you’re interested in the book, please pre-order a copy here.

And, follow our journey online at any of the following channels:



the cost of living with diabetes

Infographic: The True Costs of Living with Diabetes


Ever since Elle was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 8 in 2007, the daily struggles of diabetes have become a part of life. The challenges of living with this disease are both financial and emotional, and they impact the lives of millions of American families every year.

Below is a glimpse of what diabetes costs our families.

If you want more information on how we’re adapting to it, and how an amazing dog changed everything, you can order Elle and Coach here.

Infographic: True Cost of Diabetes


Coach on WMUR

Coach on WMUR tonight at 7:00pm!

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Tune in to NH Chronicle on WMUR-TV at 7:00pm tonight to learn more about Coach!

A few sneak peek, behind-the-scenes photos from the segment:

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Elle and Coach walking

Elle and Coach

Five years ago, diabetes became a part of our lives when Elle was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes shortly after her 8th birthday.  In the five years following that dreadful day, we have shared countless experiences about how diabetes impact’s Elle’s life and our family.  Our lives changed again this winter when we welcomed Coach into our family.  Coach is a medic-alert dog trained to detect changes in Elle’s blood sugar.  The difference Coach makes in our lives is truly remarkable, and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you!


Easter 2013

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We debated whether or not to bring Coach to church…just minutes before the service started, he alerted and caught a high blood sugar following Elle’s Easter candy enjoyment this morning. Thanks, Coach! The only challenge with having him join us was finding a place to kneel.

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Clearly…Caraline and Coach find decorating Easter eggs to be an exasperating or exhausting task!


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